Wednesday, 8 April 2009

It's the way I tell 'em . . .

Like most men I happen to think I'm a pretty funny guy.

The fact that no-one else around me seems to agree is beside the point - in my own mind I am all six members of the Monty Python team rolled into one.
So, when offered the opportunity to be a stand up comedian, albeit for just a couple of minutes, I simply couldn't resist.

For on Tuesday I was invited to go on a photograph to help launch an 'open mic' in the city centre of Bath which invites people to get up and tell jokes to the unsuspecting as part of the Bath Comedy Festival.

As we were setting up the photo, I looked at the mic and like a magnet, it dragged me onto the podium.

Faced with quite a number of clearly bemused tourists, I then proceeded to do a two minute slot that had I been in a comedy club, would have probably got me booed off. I told three or four jokes - the ones in the blog below - and was delighted to receive at least one laugh per joke which I assure you is more than I normally get at home or in the office.

So, is a new star born? No, absolutely not - but if you can do better, the microphone is available near the Bath Abbey until Sunday April 12th. And it really is great fun to try.

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