Monday, 1 December 2008

The winners - including TWO men called Paul Wiltshire!

This is the Chronicle staff today celebrating our recent win as the best weekly newspaper in Britain. It is a challenging time at the mo for all newspapers so to be able to all have a smile is good news all round.
I say 'smile' but I have a decidely strange look on my face (I am seated second left). They say the camera doesn't lie but perhaps it can be economical with the truth?
Failing that I just look odd.
Incidentally I am in what can only be described as a 'Paul Wiltshire sandwich'. Due to very bad planning both our ad director and our deputy editor are called Paul Wiltshire which makes life very confusing.
Paul Wiltshire is pictured left.
And right.
Also seated is our MD Sarah Irvine. Rumours she is planning to change her name to Paul Wiltshire are being hotly denied......

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HD said...

Graham and Rupert are sooooo close.