Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Bath's women do the business!

Those of you who remember the first series of Pop Idol can probably recall that cringe making moment when Darius walked into the room where all his fellow contestants were gathered and said "there's so much love in this room".

Well on Friday I went to the Bath Spa Hotel and to misquote Darius, I felt "there is so much talent in this room" as I helped to present prizes at the Bath Business Women's Associations first ever annual awards.

I already knew I was in the presence of some formidably talented ladies as I helped to judge the competition which gave some of Bath's brightest and most innovative business women a change to shine.

I have been lucky enough over the years to judge many competitions - from pet shows to beauty pageants - and it is never easy to pick winners from a lot of deserving cases and this instance was particularly difficult as Bath and surrounding areas has a multitude of very talented female business leaders covering a wide variety of different professions.

From photographers to life coaches and from magicians to undertakers, we saw a plethora of top class entries and to just pick a handful of award winners was not easy.

In the end however, I'm sure all the judges felt as I did that we had chosen a pretty impressive group of winners including Celia Mannings, Tessa Kirby, Beverley Lee, Amanda Farrell, the multi-faceted and multi-talented Loraine Morgan-Brinkhurst and our overall winner, the much admired and thoroughly deserving victor, funeral director Carol Spalding.

All the winners were on hand to receive their awards at the Bath Spa Hotel in one of the best conducted and enjoyable awards dinners I've been to. This owed much to the hard work of the Bath Business Women's Association's committee (pictured above) - chaired this year by the lovely Alice Ellis who I usually only see in her Stocking Tops! - and of course the Fab! team who are so good at these kind of events. Their input was not only via their excellent organisational skills but they also had the ever charming and enthusiastic Julie Cooper, herself deservedly shortlisted for a top award.

So a splendid afternoon was had by all and it was proof, if ever proof was needed, that Bath has a formidable amount of top quality women in business.

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