Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Yes you CAN write that book. Ask Moira.

This first appeared in the Bath Chronicle on Thursdsay, June 16.

It is often said that there is a book in everyone. That is probably right - but what is said less often is that in most cases it is a bad book. Just because everyone could potentially write a book doesn't mean that everyone should.

Despite that, there is no doubt that many of us dream of one day walking into a local bookstore and seeing our name on the front of a fiction or non-fiction bestseller. It must be one of the most commonly daydreamed ambitions we all share.

And that is why it is always a joy when you see someone's dream realised - and tonight in Bath I will get a chance to do just that.

When Moira Young first joined us here at The Bath Chronicle as a PA we all immediately warmed to her. Witty, intelligent and full of ideas she added a real spark to the room and it wasn't long before she said that, happy as she was to be working part-time for us, her real energy and passion was devoted to writing good quality children's fiction.

She told me she already had a good story in her mind and thankfully her tale was slowly coming to fruition on the page as well.

Over the weeks, Moira revealed more and more about her potential book and I could usually tell by her mood how it was going. She poured a lot of herself into it and agonised when it didn't seem to be going as she hoped. This book clearly meant a lot to her and she was determined to get it right.

Well, she did.

And how!

For as you may have read in theses pages previously, when Moira put her work of teen fiction 'out there' it created a virtual stampede from publishers.

It was snapped up for release in a number of countries and the fact that, in an almost unprecedented way, the legendary film director Ridley Scott said he wanted to buy the film rights for this (an as then unpublished work by an unknown author) only accelerated the general excitement for the work.

Now it is finally out and tonight Moira will find herself in Waterstone's here in her hometown Bath, signing copies. Lovely.

I am thrilled for Moira and I hope she goes on to huge success but I hope her tale also enthuses and excites lots of other people that if you do have a dream you should pursue it.

That applies to everything, of course, but I am particularly addressing all of those who think they have that book in them.

I am certain that applies to so many people, including many who have never admitted it to another soul.

Of course, not everyone can have their books published and indeed not everyone will get remotely near finishing the books they may start with great enthusiasm.

But some people will - and some people will get published.

And if you don't believe me then ask Moira. Ask her tonight at around 6.30pm when she is signing copies of Blood Red Road at Waterstone's.

Every epic journey requires that first step and every book requires that first word.

So what are you waiting for?

Write away.

Right away.

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