Thursday, 24 June 2010

My top ten wish list for Glastonbury 2010

This is the top ten bands I was looking forward to seeing at Glastonbury 2010. This preview was featured in the Bath Chronicle and Somerset Standard and Guardian on June 23.

A band who produce big, mighty records but still have the reputation for taking those songs onto a new level when performed live. There is great anticipation that their performance could be one of the greatest in Glastonbury’s history. It’s a lot to ask of a still relatively young band – but Muse look capable enough to be able to live up to that mantle.

A Manchester band who have been labelled (possibly unfairly) as the new Oasis because they have a dominant front person and the ability to churn out fantastic melodies. If their live set is as impressive as their recent album Falcon, they could turn out to be one of the big hits of Glastonbury 2010.

A band who have really come to prominence in recent years and whose last album was an ambitious attempt to mix their Joy Division/indie sound with a blast of 80’s electronic pop. Live they can provide an awesome experience and if they rise to the occasion (as surely they will) they should delight festival goers.

Whether they will be tempted to do their Three Lions On A Shirt anthem with the way England are playing isn’t known, but what is known is that The Lightning Seeds produce some of the best modern pop music around. Every song has a whistle-ability that sticks in the brain and for that reason they should really get the crowd going on their early Saturday slot.

A band who have really stepped up a gear this year as a result of their excellent new album High Violet. A sombre but still life affirming band who really know how to pluck a tune out of the air and turn it into something that you can’t get out of your head. Well worth watching.

Although there is disappointment that their fellow American Bruce Springsteen devotees The Gaslight Anthem aren’t playing this year, The Hold Steady with their ability to produce rousing bar room rock should provide a real treat on Sunday. Well recommended.

Regarded by many as the next big thing, this Smiths style quartet have a lovely sense of fun and melody and are regarded as being one of America’s brightest young bands. You can catch them on The John Peel stage on Sunday afternoon.

Also on The John Peel Stage just after The Drums are the quirky post punk band The Gang Of Four. Never given the credit they deserved at the time, their influence has remained strong and they could turn out to be one of the surprise packages of the whole weekend.

No-one really wanted to replace U2 because for most bands it would seem like an impossible job. But The Gorillaz have the tenacity, the adventurous spirit and the unpredictability to make for a really exciting end to Friday night’s proceedings.

As my favourite band you would expect me to include these and to be fair they are nine places below where I would normally put them just to keep you on your toes! A truly exciting live band who, surprisingly, despite being based in Somerset, are making their Glastonbury debut. About time too considering their drummer Jet Black is in his 72nd year. Look to them to get the whole crowd singing along to well known songs such as Peaches, Always In Sun and Nice n Sleazy at about 1.45pm on Friday.

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