Friday, 13 March 2009

Editor on a 'power trip'? Surely not...

I am indebted to the good people of the excellent Venue magazine who have kindly (if just a tad embarrassingly) named me as one of the 100 most powerful people in Bristol and Bath.
I have to say I certainly don't feel that way but I am nethertheless very grateful and I promise not to spend too much money on the new hat to cover my vastly-swelled head.

For the record I finished in a 'challenging' 36th spot which I was bemused and pleased by as it put me ahead of such local luminaries as Ken Loach, the manager of Bristol City, Nicolas Cage (!), the artist Banksy and both our local MPs Dan Norris and Don Foster.
Rather more embarassingly as a Christian I find I am placed 12 places ahead of God because, apparently, 'acts of God aren't common around here'.

However, if that is hard for me or the rest of us to justify it is even worse for the the Bishop of Bristol Mike Hill who also finished nine places above his 'boss'!

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